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LifeLoop.Live for Communities

LifeLoop.Live helps churches, ministries and other Christian communities digitally express their mission in Christ. Our platform offers communities an easy way to bring their members online, with features such as face-to-face group video, text-to-group messaging, social media integration, and screen-sharing of the Word and other program and study materials. At the same time, LifeLoop.Live enables users to reach beyond their existing community, and engage with an ever-growing network of individuals and Christian communities.


Our mission is to empower communities to grow, nurture, and engage their communities by becoming a more integral and meaningful part of people's lives, while at the same time helping individuals to connect for personal support and growth.

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LifeLoop.Live for Individuals

For the individual, Lifeloop.Live offers free, convenient and easy access to all the benefits of an active Christian community. Whether it’s deep-dive interactive learning, having someone to talk to in times of need, a Sunday sermon, getting involved in service, or coordinating volunteer, inspirational, or entertainment events, it is all part of LifeLoop.Live. Members can explore communities of interest and find the Groups and fellow members that they can share life experiences through times of need or praise. LifeLoop.Live provides a platform to stay connected, engaged, and grow while working around their busy schedules and activities in a day. Our catalog of group offerings allows the member to find the perfect group of their interest, personality, and the perfect days and times that work with their schedule constraints.

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