Setup your Group

On your profile screen, mouse over the group you wish to edit then click on the gear or cog that appears beside that group.

In the General Setup section, enter or change the name of the group, the description of the group.  Be sure to select what privacy setting you want, as well as the rest of the information as desired.  Click on "Update General Information" when done.

Click on Add Member to add members to your group.  All you need to do is enter their email address.  They will get a an email.  This email and their signup process is the same as your initial step was to getting in to LifeLoop.

The following steps are optional.

After you have other members join your group you will see all of them here.  You can change someone to group leader, to member or delete them from the group.

The Add Link option is for adding web site urls that you want your group to access, such as the organizations website or a site that is related to what your group is about.

Add Media will allow you to upload a logo or image that will be associated with your group.  It will appear at the top of your group info in lists of groups available as well as on the page for your group.

The Add Partner Org link allows the group to affiliate with other organizations in LifeLoop.Live for a specific cause or topic. When adding a partner organization to a group, a request will be sent to the partner organization owner/admin. The partner org will appear on the Group page as a participating Organization once the affiliate request is approved.

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